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05/24/2017- Small Business Owner: Direct Sales



Bachelors in Business Administration, Killeen, Texas, 05/15/2004

Masters Business Administration, Fort Bliss, Texas, 06/15/2009


Department of Defense Certifications:

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)

Victim Advocate (VA) 

Equal Opportunity Leader (EOL)

Unit Prevention Leader (UPL)


Active Duty Military Service

United States Army 3/28/1990 - 12/31/2016


1990 - 1995 Fort Bragg, North Carolina

1995 - 1997 Fort Sill, Oklahoma

1997 - 1998 South Korea

1998 - 2000 Fort Hood, Texas

2007 - 2010 Fort Bliss, Texas

2010 - 2013 Fort Hood, Texas

2013 - 2015 South Korea

2015 - 2016 Fort Carson, Colorado

Retired 12/31/2016

Combat Tours:

Bravo Battery,1-319 Airborne Field Artillery, Fort Bragg, NC (Desert Shield/Storm)

Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 3/82, Fort Hood, TX (Operation New Dawn)


Community Service


Senior Citizens

Senior citizens are the most valuable resources in our society. Donating and volunteering with seniors gives me a lot of satisfaction as well as a chance to learn from their experiences. We must continue to serve our seniors with the utmost respect and dignity. I will treasure these moments the rest of my life.   

Young Adults

Working with youth has put me on a path to create better work and educational programs for their personal and professional development. These programs will involve the parents, community leaders and small business owners whom have a vested interest in these children being successful.  





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